Ruining a Magic Designer’s Day with Goblin Questions | Feat. Gavin Verhey

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Hello all! Been a hectic few weeks, but things are coming together (thanks to your support) and I'm so excited to see what this year brings! To get a wee sneak preview, head over to my patreon and see what goals we passed (hint: before the Moneey video, I had yet to hit the Lorwyn/Tarkir goal!). My next few videos are planned, if not in production, and I have some fun ideas of how I'm gonna change up the patreon in the coming year as well. Blessed day to you all, Spice x -Tags-
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Legacy – RUG Delver vs Show and Tell Live Sex!

SEASON 2 UPDATE // Why Conner Shouldn’t Sing

Conner talks about what's new and next for Mana Screwed, reading the comments, and asks the audience for a favor… ————————————————————————————————
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Best MTG Standard Decks for Climbing in MTG Arena | New Capenna Update

If you want to play competitive Magic in Standard – Midrange and Aggro are the go-to playstyles. For those currently looking to climb the ranks or build a top tier deck for standard right now, I'll go over the top builds we can see that have recently taken down tournaments as well as dominating a large portion of the meta. I also give you my tips on which decks to build and why, or if you're running low on wildcards which ones may fit best for you. If you wanna build these in paper too and take down a tournament don't forget to check out Card Kingdom to get ALL the cards you need in one place! Thanks for watching!! ►Shop Card Kingdom: (affiliate link) ►Buy clothes from INTO THE AM + save money to buy more Magic cards!!!
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Legacy Cube #5 | MTGO 2021

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Parceiros, Amigos e Antecedentes

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Sneaky Cube Draft – Round 3 (fark101)

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😈 Ob Nixilis’s GOLD BALLS 😈 This Deck is CURSED! 【 MTG Modern Capenna Gameplay 】

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For today's Modern Streets of New Capenna Gameplay video, we are trying out the brand new Ob Nixilis the Adversary as well as Goldhound in a deck I like to call Ob's Gold Balls that user DragonFodder took to a 5-0 finish in an MTGO Modern League. This is a Thunderkin Awakener Elementals deck that is trying to reanimate Lightning Skelemental and Spitebellows, and it's using Goldhound to ramp this stuff out, and using the new Ob Nixilis to help the sacrifice synergies. Second Channel: ⭐️ ManaTraders (Code MERYNMOON_VZK to save 15%) ➤ 🔥 TCGPlayer ➤
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Market Monday: Was Kamigawa CED Reprint Needed in a Time of Product Oversaturation?

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Magic the Gathering Random Pack Cracking for a Viewer LIVE on Twitch.

Magic the Gathering Random Pack Cracking for a Viewer LIVE on Twitch. You can follow along the giveaways, videos, and discord discussion by going to the place that has everything Exotic Email- Live Sex!