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Keith Selden vs Kevin Rand – SCG Vegas – Standard (2014) Tom Ross vs Alex Bertoncini – SCG Invitational – Standard (2014)

Tom Ross vs Ben Friedman – SCG Invitational – Standard (2014)

Ross Merriam vs Patrick Sullivan – SCGLA – Legacy (2012)

Gonçalo Pinto vs Wyatt Darby – PT Dominaria – Standard (2018)

Javier Dominguez vs Lee Shi Tian – Mythic Championship – Standard (2019)

Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa vs Yam Wing Chun – PT Hour of Devastation – Standard (2017) πŸ›Ή Jaws vs The Lyon 25: 🎡 Music:
PUP – My Life is Over and I Couldn't Be Happier (Live at Audiotree Far Out):

Lakey Inspired – Rainy Day:

Lakey Inspired – Fast Lane:

PUP – Familiar Patterns (Live at Audiotree Far Out): πŸ“˜ Chapters:
0:00 Card Kingdom & Coalesce
0:15 Nord VPN
1:10 All-In 2:39 Paul Sligh & The Mana Curve
7:00 Four Turns
14:28 Red Deck Loses
19:36 Red Deck Wins πŸ““ Sources: – The origins of RDW – PT Magic Origins – Pat Cox Top 8 RDW – Darwin Castle RDW 2013 – Deadguy Red – The Art of Beatdown – Famous Red Decks in Magic’s History (2004) – Jay Schneider Interview – Goblin Guide Deck, Top 8 GP Pittsburgh 2011 – Paul Slight Original PTQ Atlanta Deck 1996 – How to Beat Mono Red – The Birth of the Mana Curve – How to Sligh – Red Deck Wins – Is red deck always the one that wins? – PT Columbus 2005 – Top 8 decklists – Shuhei Nakamura on RDW – Mike Flores Sligh History – Boss Sligh Deck Tech – The History of Red Deck Wins – Nizzahon – Boss Sligh Deck Tech – Standard 2013 – 4 Pool rush from JJu – The ultimate Ryu Mirror – The Beast Chases Benny – Jaws Interview #mtg #magicthegathering Live Sex!

Stop Hitting Yourself! – Capridor Self Damage Deck – Explorers of Pioneer

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4 Stormwild Capridor (IKO) 34
4 Deafening Clarion (GRN) 165
2 Brash Taunter (M21) 133
2 Plains (NEO) 284
4 Marauding Raptor (M20) 150
3 Ill-Tempered Loner (VOW) 162
3 Mountain (NEO) 290
2 Burn Down the House (MID) 131
2 Storm's Wrath (THB) 157
2 Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire (NEO) 268
1 Cave of the Frost Dragon (AFR) 253
1 Star of Extinction (XLN) 161
4 Reckless Rage (RIX) 110
3 Rip Apart (STX) 225
1 Anger of the Gods (AKR) 138
2 Clifftop Retreat (DAR) 239
4 Needleverge Pathway (ZNR) 263
4 Sacred Foundry (GRN) 254
4 Sundown Pass (VOW) 266
1 Response // Resurgence (GRN) 229
1 Angelfire Ignition (MID) 209
1 Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance (NEO) 276
1 Den of the Bugbear (AFR) 254
1 Inspiring Vantage (KLR) 283
2 Shatterskull Smashing (ZNR) 161
1 Scorching Dragonfire (ELD) 139 Live Sex!

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QUEST FOR THE JANKLORD: Story Recap, as Told by the Wheel(m)aster

The story so far. As told by the Wheel(m)aster. Be the first to witness new horrors at We'll be back in June. Live Sex!


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BIG MANA ENERGY – The Best Tron Deck in MTG Modern

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HISTORIC DECK: Singing in the Stone Rain | MTG Arena

Stone Rain should be banned. Here's why! Live Sex!

😰 It Doesn’t Get Closer Than This! 😰 Arcades, Kresh, Ziatora & Ragavan | Elder Dragon Hijinks #20

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Krenko vs Malcolm/Rograkh vs Teshar vs Krark/Sakashima | CEDH Gameplay #154 | Playing With Power MTG

Krenko –
Krark/Sakashima –
Malcolm/Rograkh –
Teshar – Dragon Shield
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Christmas 2021 –
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