The History of Planeswalkers in Magic the Gathering – How They Were Created | GLHF Podcast #447 MTG

On this episode, Maria and Meghan take a page from the Marvel playbook and tell the origin story of Planeswalkers! These lovable (or hateable) plane traversing folks haven't always been around — but how did they get to be the way they are today? And what road bumps did the design team have to drive over to get to their final form? The story behind their creation may surprise you! Filled with tons of fun facts and behind-the-scenes stories, this episode of GLHF is great for new and old players alike. Become a Patron Today: Follow us on Twitter: Be our friend: Our Insta: Throw down with our playmats & shirts: Sub to our stream: The best place to buy cards: Get great MtG gear: #MTG #MAGIC #GLHF

Sifetch’d & Ponyta Toy Review: 2021 Pokemon Figure by WCT

In this video, we review the Pokemon figures Sirfetch'd and Ponyta made by Wicked Cool Toys. Pokemon Toys Playlist: Please check out our eBay store where you can find Pokemon figures and merchandise for sale: Follow General Collectibles on social media:
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Pinterest – Written and Narrated by Richard Castle
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– "Mana Trail" #pokemon #pokemonreview #pokemontoys

Vintage Cube #24 | MTGO 2021

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Análise Histórica: Visões

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ON FORCE RAKDOS EN DRAFT POUR LA WIN ?⚫ La suite va vous étonner… ?

Le set de Aventure dans les Royaumes oubliés #MTGAFR est enfin là ! Il amène des nouvelles mécaniques que nous allons découvrir ensemble. On part en Draft Pédagogique (7) et on tente de forcer Noir Rouge pour faire 7 victoires. ? Merci à tous ceux qui laisseront un pouce bleu ? Abonne toi ? ?
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Collector Booster Box #2- Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

Hey Everybody!!! In this video we'll have a look inside another COLLECTOR BOOSTER BOX from the brand new Adventures in the Forgotten Realms MTG set!!! This brand new set is really amazing looking, check it out 🙂 And thanks so much to Robert S. for sponsoring this Adventures in the Forgotten Realms collector booster box opening video!!! Find on Amazon :
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Vito Opens a Throne of Eldraine Fat Pack

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Blue Green Landfall 2022 Format “GOGOGO” MTG Deck From My Live Streams

This time we've got a deck overview, full list, AND some example gameplay! Deck list:
3 Glasspool Mimic (ZNR) 60
3 Mind Flayer (AFR) 63
2 Emergent Sequence (STX) 129
4 Archmage Emeritus (STX) 37
1 Roiling Regrowth (ZNR) 201
3 Reclaim the Wastes (ZNR) 200
3 You Happen On a Glade (AFR) 214
3 Quandrix Apprentice (STX) 216
4 Evolving Wilds (SLD) 538
3 Bubble Snare (ZNR) 47
3 Lullmage's Domination (ZNR) 66
3 Inscription of Insight (ZNR) 61
2 Ochre Jelly (AFR) 196
4 Scute Swarm (ZNR) 203
1 Old Gnawbone (AFR) 197
4 Barkchannel Pathway (KHM) 251
4 Vineglimmer Snarl (STX) 274
4 Quandrix Campus (STX) 271
4 Rimewood Falls (KHM) 266
4 Cosmos Elixir (KHM) 237
3 Broken Wings (KHM) 164
4 Littjara Mirrorlake (KHM) 264
2 Vastwood Surge (ZNR) 217
3 Koma, Cosmos Serpent (KHM) 221
1 Augmenter Pugilist (STX) 147
3 Ruin Crab (ZNR) 75
2 Sleep (M19) 74
1 Lotus Cobra (ZNR) 193
1 Territorial Scythecat (ZNR) 213
1 Ancient Greenwarden (ZNR) 178
1 Rampaging Brontodon (G18) GP5
5 Island (ANA) 3
9 Forest (ANA) 9
2 Charmed Sleep (ELD) 40
3 Gretchen Titchwillow (AFR) 223
1 Scurrid Colony (STX) 142
4 Needlethorn Drake (STX) 208
2 King Harald's Revenge (KHM) 180
1 Ranger Class (AFR) 202
4 Shimmerdrift Vale (KHM) 267 Sideboard
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Hasbro Whistleblower Tears Them Apart Over RIDICULOUS Employee Training/Brainwashing – Full Vid

Here's the full video/podcast for my new political (and shÍtposting memes) channel and for this one I'm covering the Hasbro story about CRT and really what the problems with CRT and the left's nonsense is from a general high level view. Check out my main channel:
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