Booster Surprise – Set Booster Tea, Universes Beyond, Copyrighted Decks & Much More!

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First Pick Set Booster Sales, Misrepresented: Gather the Townsfolk Universes Beyond, Not Coming to Standard: Companion Card Database: Mystery Booster Playtest Cards Get New Art: Degenerate Gaming: Voice of All Retiring: Desperate Ravings Sprankle’s Iconic Photo, Not Compensated: (Deleted) Magic Decklist Copyrighted: Bennie Smith Goes AFK Against “Asshole Decks”: Insight Roundup
Sorry to Disappoint the Haters:

Jim Davis Drops Sponsorship:

Addressing the Issues: OnlyFans to Ban “Sexually Explicit Content”: Milan Bhayana, Pro Tour Competitor and Top Chef: Costs of Shipping Containers: GIVEAWAY & THANKS

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