QUEST FOR THE JANKLORD Age of Isolation Part III, Vol. 2 | Just the Story

The situation in the dungeon grows dire. Can the Netherrealm be saved from itself? Part 2 of 2. Just the story bits. ———- Want more jank? Send indulgences to:
Do you wear t-shirts? ———- Twitter: @thejanklord
Insta: @thejanklord
Facebook: @thejanklord ———- (CREDITS) Directed, Edited, & Produced by Daniel McLaughlin Written by Daniel McLaughlin, Chase Carroll, Princess Weekes, and Rachel Weeks Cinematography by Tim Prince, Daniel McLaughlin, & Samara Ehlke (Various Intro) Set & Costume Design by Nate Farley QFTJL Theme Music by Dan Stewart QFTJL Theme Lyrics by Daniel McLaughlin & Dan Stewart Intro Demon Illustration by John Mueller Greven Glow-Up by Tim Prince Wheelmaster Ilustration by Tim Prince Janklord Logo by Emory Allen @ocularvision (MUSIC) Recap Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio Various by Rolemusic Various by VISAGER “Fury Road” by HeatleyBros "Mountain Trials" by John McLean

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