Time for some Budget Standard MTG Arena action. Todays MTGA Standard budget deck i've brewed has 0 RARES!! It's a Selesnya Lifegain deck that only uses common and uncommon cards. This deck is rotation proof and ready for the MTG Arena 2022 play ques. Great for budget players and new players to MTGA enjoy 0 Rare Lifegain. BUDGET GOBLINS ARE SO GOOD | JUST 4 RARES | 2022 Budget Standard MTG Arena – MTGA
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totalmtg1@gmail.com Deck 3 Cleric Class (AFR) 6
9 Snow-Covered Plains (KHM) 277
4 Dawnbringer Cleric (AFR) 9
4 Celestial Unicorn (AFR) 5
4 Trelasarra, Moon Dancer (AFR) 236
11 Snow-Covered Forest (KHM) 285
4 Prosperous Innkeeper (AFR) 200
3 Lurking Roper (AFR) 194
3 Honor Troll (STX) 134
3 Blizzard Brawl (KHM) 162
1 Sejiri Shelter (ZNR) 37
3 Snakeskin Veil (KHM) 194
4 Kor Celebrant (ZNR) 22
2 Skyclave Cleric (ZNR) 40
2 Druid Class (AFR) 180 #BudgetStandardMTGArena #MTGA #MTGArena

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